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Standard split type air conditioning installation pricing and requirements.

Standard installation of models up to 3500W heating or cooling, €220 per twin split unit. Plus IVA @21%

Above 3500W heating or cooling, €270 per twin split unit. Plus IVA @21%

These prices are subject to the conditions below:-

1. Pricing only valid for units purchased from us.

2. There is straightforward access to the installation site and it is on the ground or first floor.

3. Length of copper connecting tubing is no more than 3.5m.

4. A suitable electrical socket is near the outdoor unit and that no further electrical installation is required.

5. With split type air conditioning units, the indoor unit to be mounted on an outside wall, opposite the exterior unit.

5. Condensate drainage is straight forward and does not require separate enclosure or other structural changes.

6. No additional condensate pump is required.

7. There is reasonable access to mounting of exterior unit which does not involve additional lifting or access equipment.

8. Installation offer does not include cost of mounting brackets or rubber feet, if they required.

9. White plastic trunking to cover tubing etc. for visual purposes is an additional cost where the total length exceeds 2m.

10. There are no old air conditioning units to remove before new units can be installed.


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Where the installation does not meet the above requirements for a standard installation, there may be an additional installation charge, the exact amount will be quoted prior to the installation of the equipment.