UK TV in Mallorca

Many people living in Mallorca, either full or part time would still like to receive UK TV. This is fortunately possible by means of a satellite dish or through the Internet. There are pro’s and cons for both methods.

Receiving UK satellite transmissions directly provides the highest quality service with many channels in HD but there is the cost of buying and installing a suitable satellite dish as well as having a suitable location. The Satellite dish has to be larger than the ones used in the UK due to the signal being much weaker as we are on the edge of the reception area. For this reason the satellite dish has to be very accurately aimed at the correct satellite(s) to enable a good quality reception. Unusually thick cloud and very heavy rain can interfere with reception but fortunately this is relatively rare.

Alternatively, UK TV can be watched through the Internet, but there are problems with regard to the legality of such services and reception quality due to data rate restrictions from your ISP or from the server supplying the service.

Please see our Satellite UK TV and Alternative UK TV pages for further information.

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